I agree that “We All Live and Die but Nobody is willing to die at 16, Without Babies or Completed atleast Form 4”. Life is a true gift but Many are out there in hospitals Suffering from Diseases, Some Cancer, HIV Aids and other deadly diseases.

Dorcus Nandujja is one of the Patients at Mulago Cancer Institute whose Situation leaves many in uncontrollable tears. Dorcus Nandujja is A beautiful 16 Year old daughter to Anthonny Kayizzi both residents of Mukono District suffering from a deadly Cancer of the Cervix. Cervical cancer is on an increasing rate in Africa and Uganda Which attacks and Kills many of teenagers and Women allover the World.

According to Dorcus, Painfully narrates how it all Started “In April 2015 I started developing pain inside my private Parts, itching and later Started smelling. To me I thought that maybe all girls who are in periods go through this.I was wrong because it worsened and my parents were forced to take me to Mukono Hospital for a checkup and they realised that my cervix had a problem. They later directed us to Mulago Hospital where we have been for 9 Months. Life is not easy for me due to the pain yet I am scared that I might die because my dad can’t raise the 63Million Shilling needed for My operation. I need help to Continue with Studies and to brighten my future too I DON’T WANT TO DIE TODAY” she said in tears.

Anthony Kayizzi A Proffessional Teacher Who graduated from Makerere University and now A Carpenter in Mukono owning a Carpentry Workshop Dad to Dorcus also talked about the situation of her daughter and called upon any individual to help them with any Ammount of money on 0704352056.

According to Dr Sarah Kagoya A Specialist at Mulago Hospital said that Dorcus Still have atleast 75% to Survive since her Situation is not too alarming. She further explain’s that She will be taken to Aghakan Hospital in Kenya for further Operations.

1.To help Dorcus Survive, SEND Any Ammount of Money from 50 Shs to Millions on 0704352056 in the names ANTHONNY KAYIZZI (Dorcus’s Biological Dad).

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