SHOCKING. Mesarch Ssemakula Is too Sick!!!

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The latest reaching our desk from Golden Band indicates that One of founders and lead Singer Mesarch Ssemakula “Golden Papa”s health condition is worrying. From a trusted source Ssemakula was attacked by a strange but serious disease late last year and till now is bedridden at his home.

Mesarch .
Mesarch .

Yesterday Singer Maureen Nantume took to her Facebook page calling upon Her fans and Ssemakula’s Lovers to Put their hands together and pray for her mentor and dad in music career. Quick Recovery Musajja wa Kabaka.

Keep You Posted.

  1. Agasha Brenda Binyenda says

    Bambi ,quick recovery our beloved mesarch

  2. kasigwa john says

    let God tauch on him

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