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UNBELIEVABLE. Makerere University’s Lecturer Nyanzi Undresses Over Locked Office – Shows off tired Boobs.

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From the First time we ignored this crap from Makerere University’s Facebooker And Lecture at MISR Dr Stella Nyanzi Against her Boss Prof Mohamood Mamdani thinking it was A wastage of time. But the biggest disappointment we have Received from this Mother of 3 Including twins unbelievable.

From Using F Words through out the week over her locked office, today our reporter just bumped into Stella Nyanzi , Dr Kizza Besigye’s tight fan and diehard who has removed all her clothes, I mean ALL HER CLOTHES at the University Premises. She has recorded a video of herself completely naked exposing her juicy Pussy cats she is been talking about all the time, tired boobs and that big ugly belly which are now viral all over social media.

Thats the bad side, bt on the other hand it has forced Mahmood mamdani to handover her keys after two days. As I report there are celebrations here as some students joins Nyanzi celebrating what they have called VICTORY.

At the Same time Makerere University Students have today staged a strike over scrapping off the EHR Course. Details coming shortly.
Unfortunately we can’t share that video because it consists of Graphic Actons and words bt here is her Journey to the walk if shame in Photos.

J her Pants and Clothes thrown out at Mohamood's office
J her Pants and Clothes thrown out at Mohamood’s office

Do You really Love what u see? DISAPPOINTED,
Do You really Love what u see? DISAPPOINTED,