Ak 47’s baby Mama Arrested for Fraud

Maggie Kiweesi, the widow of fallen singer AK47 was today arrested and detained on cases of fraud and misinforming the authorities.

According to a very trusted source, she was picked by ISO operatives after allegations that she connived with con star Don Nasser to misinform the Ugandan authorities.

After Don Nasser’s arrest in November last year, Maggie quickly released clips distancing herself from Nasser, who at the time was dating her.

In one of the clips, Maggie swore how she knew nothing of Nasser’s thieving escapades, vowing to cooperate with the authorities for Justice to be served to the Dubai victim of fraud.

This and her subsequent testimonies at police in Entebbe persuaded the victim to grant Maggie the powers of attorney to pursue the case on her behalf, in Ugandan courts.

Maggie was put under the supervision of Rich gang boss Ed Cheune.

A few weeks ago however, reports emerged that Nasser paid off Maggie a whopping sum of UGX 300M in exchange for her silence and a few alleged blackmail plans on Cheune.

On learning about the developments, the victim who was defrauded by Nasser stripped Maggie of the powers of attorney, and she could no longer pursue the case on her behalf.

As fate would have it, Cheune indeed was picked by ISO operatives for questioning on cases of alleged kidnap of Maggie’s children that she reportedly framed.

After investigations however, Cheune was found innocent and freed by the operatives who in turn launched a hunt on Maggie for misinforming the authorities.

Today, February 28th, Maggie was picked for questioning by Police.

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