Socialite and business woman Bad Black was on Wednesday dragged to police over about 15 cases related to theft.

According to police, Black allegedly extorted money from her clients whom she had promised to send lightening creams but didn’t .

She as well conned a lady UGX1, 100,000 promising to take her abroad .

Black didn’t stop on those crimes but also hired a car for 2M and failed to pay the fare. She also damaged it’s windscreen worth UGX550,000 and refused to replace it.


The socialite reported to police yesterday and recorded a statement while maintaining that she is innocent of all the crimes.

Through a social media post today however, the renown thief has admitted to being in possession of the complainants’ money adding she will revenge on them for exposing her.

“Wabula tewelabira woberra omangya nondabissa obera owedeyo atte wogenda ku police that’s a civil suit… Tubele bakakamu omuntu gwokubila esimu willingly tabela Mubi abela musubuzi” which loosley translates as;

“Don’t forget that when you are demanding money from me and expose me, that’s all you get. And when you go to police, that’s a civil suit. Let’s keep calm, when you call someone on phone willingly , he’s not a thief but a business person,” She said.