Bobi Wine’s Chief Blogger Ashburg Katto crosses over to NRM

Ashburg Katto, a youthful blogger who has been sharing Bobi Wine’s People Power ideology has this afternoon announced that he has joined the National Resistance Movement (NRM) after meeting with the head of state President Museveni.

Through his social media platforms, Katto has announced that he met with the President yesterday who equipped him with farming skills. According to Katto, he had gone to present his proposal titled “THE GHETTO INITIATIVE” aimed at reviving Kampala slums commonly known as ghettos.

“Yesterday we visited President Museveni from his farm and he taught us farming. I had gone to present my project proposal called THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which is going to see all Kampala ghettos revived. “ a statement on Katto’s Facebook page reads in part.

The excited Katto further explained that he was given five cows and his team was as well gifted two. The fired up Katto, who is ready to push the NRM ideology has informed Ugandans that he has worn the crown before his former People Power camp.

“After teaching us all the basics of farming and rearing cows, the president gave me five cows and he also gave my other team two cows each . He asked us to implement and teach the farming skills he taught us to our fellow youths. “ Katto wrote further.

“The president accepted my proposal and it is going to be implemented immediately after this Corona lockdown. “ he added.

Katto had established Ghetto TV, which was mainly publicizing Bobi Wine’s activities and now the TV’s future remain uncertain .

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