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I don’t plan on going to war with Uganda, Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has ruled out the possibility of an all-out war with Uganda, saying leaders of both countries were “more reasonable” to fight.

Kagame spoke Saturday at the Doha Forum in Doha, Qatar.

The global platform brings together leaders in policy to build innovative and action driven networks.

Kagame said the bilateral disputes will be resolved amicably.

“We are not quarreling over territory…” he said.

Asked if Rwanda would go to war with Uganda, Kagame responded: “No, no, no. I don’t think. At least we are still more reasonable to do that. We will talk things out. There have been discussions going on.”

A team of Rwandan and Ugandan officials earlier this week met in Kampala to strategize on resolving their differences.

The talks did not bear fruit with the officials saying they needed more consultations with their heads of state.

Both countries have since deployed elite military units along their border, stoking tension in the region.

Pressed by the moderator to shed light on Rwanda’s differences with Uganda, Kagame responded: “Between Rwanda and Uganda, it is like a quarrel in the family. Sometimes, quarrels that are not justified or reasonable.”

He added: “We find ourselves in some of these… personally, I really feel embarrassed sometimes because you cannot touch exactly why there would be this kind of problem.”

Rwanda accuses Uganda of harassing, arresting and torturing its nationals and supporting a rebel movement seeking to topple Kagame.

Uganda denies the claim, saying its countering Kigali’s aggressive espionage activities and attempts to infiltrate Uganda’s security services.

Rwanda is also blamed for closing the common border with Uganda, slapping a trade embargo on Ugandan goods and blocking Rwandans from traveling to Uganda.

Nevertheless, Kagame told a huge gathering in Doha that “any problem can be discussed and resolved and that’s where we are headed, in my view.”

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