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I met the President but he didnt give me Money- Big Eye

Singer Ibrahim Mayanja commonly known as Big Eye has revealed that the meeting he had with President Museveni was fruitless because he didn’t get any single coin from the head of state.

He made the remarks while appearing on NBS’s Uncut show on Wednesday.

A couple of weeks ago, Big Eye met and shook hands with President Museveni days after the singer was pelted with bottles at a music show this month.

Big Eye cited some of the things he discussed with president Museveni which include some of the challenges in the music industry and 2021 general elections.

“I would like to tell the public that it’s true I met the president of the country but I don’t want you to think that I am financially stable as many people do think,”he said.

Mayanja said he has got problems with people who keep on calling him thinking that he got sacks of money from the president.

“I saw the president and I talked to him since I was part of 2011 campaign project and I reminded the president of my money because I didn’t get that money,”he said.

He said his financial status at the moment is not good since he is no longer working.

“The truth is that i haven’t got that money so I am very poor and you are all aware that I am no longer performing. Promoters are no longer booking me. I am also a parent and besides that I have many people I am taking care off,”he said.

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