My Boyfriends Mum Heard and Watched Us Having Sexx

I’m dating a guy who shares an apartment with his mom. And I share an apartment with my sister and her kids. Usually we have sec at his place because well I respect my nieces a lot.

Anyway this last night was kinda awkward because his mom for some reason decided to stay up extremely late. Normally she’s in bed by the time I come over. She heard us talking on FaceTime and asked a few times who he was speaking too and he just continued to say a friend. Eventually he just said forget it come over if she’s up she’s up. Thinking that maybe she had went asleep because she went in her room 👀 was definitely wrong. Awkwardly enough his room doesn’t have a door because it’s up some stairs and in this sorta enclosed area. If you walk a few feet from where his bed is there’s a wooden banister and right below is the living room and the bathroom.

After the 2nd round and 3rd movie I kept hearing something but couldn’t figure out what it was. He clearly heard but ignored it too. It got quite again and he was ready for another round. This time I’m not going to lie all respect I had for being quite went of if the window because he was trying something new and I was liking every second of it. He tired to muffle me but that wasn’t working and I guess he gave up because he started to get loud himself. Finally when we finished I walked over to the banister to grab my bra and I saw his mom leaving the bathroom. She looked up at me and I don’t wanna say I ran but I definitely didn’t stay to give her a look back especially naked. He looked at me kinda weird and I just pointed to the stairs and he looked over and his face turned red. I’m guessing she was still there.

I haven’t met his mom, partly because we aren’t exclusive and the other part is because I just don’t want too. Now I really feel uncomfortable because he texted me asking if I was free for dinner at his house this weekend. I like him but not too much that I wanna meet his mother. What do I do or say to let him know that I don’t want anything more than what we have. Especially since his mom saw me completely naked and heard what her son was doing to me.

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