Rema took everything from Kenzo’s house, left it empty- Source

Singer Rehema Namakula has moved from her ex Edrisa Musuza alias Kenzo’s home in Sseguku with all property.

The singer is betrothed to Dr. Hamuza Ssebunya who proposed to her in a pompous engagement function recently.

According to sources, the singer carried all her property from the Sseguku house which they shared with Kenzo and left it empty.

“Rema was serious. She moved out. Took her stuff, the house is a shell. Kenzo now has rich people problems,” a source at the house told Nile Post.

“She took most of her stuff. Passed by the house and I think she took the yaka meter as well,” the source added.

Rema’s relationship with Kenzo gave way several months back but the couple publicly showed signs of separation after an invitation card for Rema’s introduction ceremony was leaked on social media.

In a song released last year, Namakula sang of a relationship in which she was being treated as a raw mango in which her lover was waiting for it to ripen before eating it.

“If you are not seeing my worth, if you are not taking good care of me, others will take me,” she sang in one of the lines of the song.

However, in a message posted on his social media, Kenzo said he would not do any media interviews about the matter but regretted his failed relationship.

“I am not going to prove myself right because God knows why our relationship failed. We wanted to have the best couple and best life but that is life,”Kenzo posted on his Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

“As people, God gives us different things from what we ask Him. I have been telling this to you from day one and I remember telling it to you two weeks back in our last conversation that I love you. I don’t know if you believed me or not.”

TheSitya Losssinger, however, says he will forever respect Rema Namakula as the mother of his daughter and will always talk to her about their daughter.

“Rema is Aamal Musuuza’s mother forever and for good. That will never change and means we will talk to each other until one of us is dead,” Kenzo says.

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