Days ago, singer Angella Katatumba and a content creator named Wasswa Emma mocked South Sudanese music calling it “fake and funny”.

The conversation started after Emma asked Katatumba how she managed to do a music collaboration with a South Sudanese musician named Mr. Green.

“Why are you working with South Sudanese now? There is one day when I watched a South Sudanese video, but I laughed hard. where did you get the guts of working with them because those guys seriously are so behind?” Emma asked.

Angella who was laughing out loud answered saying that she couldn’t resist their money even though they are fake singers.

“Bambi they are trying. They contacted me through my manager oceans and you know when there is money, you bury all those other emotions and do the song,” She answered.

Angella and the interviewer went on and laughed at the fact that angry South Sudanese threatened to boycott Ugandan music a few months ago claiming that Ugandans didn’t stand with them when they lost one of their singers named Mantani.

Social media posts have now been made by different South Sudanese musicians blasting Katatumba and her interviewer for the statements they made

“I will never forgive you until you apologize to South Sudanese artists and if you don’t please you won’t like what you have started. No wonder why you have failed to manage the properties you inherited from your father. How dare you talk about our late brother Mantani if you are not a stupid ass bish. I have given you 24 hours to apologise,” Singer Lady Kola said.

Another singer named Dynamq is also demanding an apology from the “Tonelabila” hitmaker.

“Angella Katatumba grow the fuck up. You and your journalist clown making fun of our late Mantani is not acceptable. That interview was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Clearly, he doesn’t know wtf he is doing as a journalist and you didn’t help the situation. Both of you have no reason to be in the entertainment industry. Big up to all the great UG musicians who do things right. We demand an apology no now but right now,” He demanded.

Disappointed Mr. Green stressed that he expected more from Ugandans.

“I expect justice, unity, love and peaceful coexistence amongst us coz we are neighbors and still belong to East Africa, we South Sudanese support alot the Ugandan artist and we expect the same in return. ” He partly said in a facebook post

The Interviewer recently apologised but Angella hasn’t.